Reading Websites
Math Websites
  • Math Flashcards
    (A fun website to help you learn your math facts.)
  • Powerlines
    (How many Powerlines passwords can you unlock?  Complete Powerlines and unlock the password for Powerlines Phase 2.)
  • Powerlines Phase 2
    (You need to unlock the password from Powerlines Phase 1 to play Phase 2.  Can you unlock the password for Powerlines Phase 3?)
  • Powerlines Phase 3
    (You have unlocked all the passwords now can you complete the hardest phase - Powerlines Phase 3 . . . Good Luck!!!)
  • Math is Fun
    (This is a fun and wonderful website.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.)
Geography Websites
  • USA Geography and Games

    (A wonderful website where you can practice geography!)
  • State Capitals

    (A great website that will quiz you on state capitals.)
  • USA Geography and Games

    (Learn your states, capital, presidents and have lots of fun playing games.)
Educational Websites
  • Where Education & Technology Meet

    (A great site with fun educational games!)
  • The Keyboard Challenge

    (A fun game to see if you know your typing keys!) 

  • Funbrain

    (Educational games for kids of all ages!)