Parents Corner

Reading With Your Child

Why Should I Read To My Child?

Reading books to your child is one of the most important things you can do to help your child learn to read. The following list includes just a few of the many reasons to make reading aloud to your child a regular part of each day.

DID YOU KNOW Kids who are read to do better in school. Reading aloud to a child raises her/his self esteem and reading ability Becoming a better reader helps a child do better in social studies and math Allowing your child to read in bed is a good habit to start

* Your child will understand how books work and will develop many important concepts about reading that are crucial for success in school.

* Your child will develop a stronger sense of language and vocabulary.

* You and your child will have the opportunity to share quiet time together while enjoying an enriching activity.

* You are encouraging your child to become a reader by modeling your love of books and reading.

* You are helping your child develop a sense of how rhymes and words work-an important

understanding for future success in reading and writing.


How Should I Read to My Child?


  • The books you read should be interesting to your child.
  • Talk about the title and the pictures before you begin reading. Ask your child to predict what the story will be about.
  • Stop frequently while reading and discuss the story with your child.
  • Invite your child to link events in the story with events in his or her life.
  • Invite your child to join you in reading when a phrase is repeated.
  • Read the book with expression. This will provide a model of fluent reading for your child.
  • Point out features of the text, such as letters of the alphabet or words your child already knows.


How Can I Help When My Child Reads to Me?

You can help your child develop a lifelong love or reading by providing frequent opportunities to read at home. Although you should read to your child, your child should read to you as well. Your child may bring stories or poems home from school and want to read them to you. Your goal should be pleasurable reading - feel free to share the reading in more difficult sections of text.